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Eerika Omiyale is a London-based, Scandinavian illustrator who uses traditional media such as an old-fashioned ink pen and acrylic paints as part of a more modern, digital approach. She also utilises photography and textiles as part of the mixed media process. Her drawing style is very illustrative, contemporary, dreamlike and quirky. She communicates ideas through simple and symbolic methods, engaging the viewer to be part of the design process. Strong and distinctive characters play central part in her visual narrative. Her work is also strongly influenced by Scandinavian nature and design.


Eerika studied BA Illustration in the University of the Arts London. At the moment she works as a freelance illustrator and has a studio at the Second Floor Studios and Arts in London. Her work includes children’s books, paintings, posters, CD-covers as well as handmade products like make-up bags and notebooks.

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